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People Who Protesting Against refugee Sex Crimes Were Threatened By Obama’s Idaho Attorney

The vast majority of people in their right minds are already sick and tired of all the hysteria around the election of Donald Trump and his migration policies. Sure, some people may view him as a harsh politician, but perhaps it is time for America to wake up, as the country does not need yet another talker – it needs a doer, a person who will never hesitate to get things done, no matter how difficult it may seem.

With that said, a lot of Americans and people all over the globe are mostly concerned about Trump’s migration policies. However, they are either completely misguided by the media that is attempting to manipulate the news and presents Trump as simply a racist, who hates  Mexicans as well as Muslims, or are ignorant themselves and do not wish to see the actual truth. And that truth is pretty straightforward –some of those immigrants and refugees are actually posing a real threat to society and there are numerous cases of violence from their part; people got hurt and this threat will continue to grow. Of course, the United States is mostly responsible for this crisis, just as the European Union is. It is their coalition that started senseless wars in the East and the conflicts escalated during the presidency of Obama. Nevertheless, what Trump is doing right now is pretty much the only viable option that will protect the people of this nation and perhaps the European Union should take on his example of how things need to be handled.

One way or the other, people tend to forget the things that they do not want to remember. For example, people who are now protesting against Trump’s policies and are allegedly concerned about all the raids that the law enforcement authorities are conducting tend to neglect the fact that so many migrants are involved in drug trade, gun trafficking, child pornography and so much more.

Perhaps these people need to be reminded about one particular case when three children of immigrants sexually assaulted a little girl last year. But, of course, people who are hyping around the newly elected president’s program are way too busy not working or doing anything useful and simply run around with banners.

Well, the case was actually a pretty horrifying one. Back in June, a 14-year-old Sudanese refuge actually told another 10-year-old Sudanese and a 7-year-old Iraqi boy to corner a white girl, who was only five years old in the laundry room. They then stripped the girl naked and urinated all over her clothes. They also urinated in her mouth. In addition to all that, the 14-year-old boy was filming it all on his phone. They were thankfully interrupted by an elderly lady, who came to see what was going on. Otherwise, who knows how this all could have ended for the little white girl.

And tell us – where was the angry mob back then? Now, of course, the case was a pretty resonant one, but it was not as hyped and not as many people felt the need to hit the streets with banners, protesting against the new Obama policies, which welcomed even more migrants and refugees on U.S. soil.

So how did the U.S. attorney react to all that madness and the fact that an innocent white girl was almost raped by the children of the refugees? Well, first of all, she claimed that she extends her support to the girl and her family, but then she told everyone not to be spreading any false rumors about the matter. Furthermore, she threatened that should anyone actually ask questions about that matter, they may well be prosecuted. She later said that it was not her intention to say that and that people simply should not be misinterpreting the facts. Well, one way or the other, the facts were pretty clear. The U.S. attorney also had the guts to blame the people who opposed Obama’s policies in this crime. She stated that spreading false rumors about refugees and immigrants triggers such situations. How is that for an official Obama representative? And in the following statement, she made things worse, saying that only Americans that are misinterpreting the rumors are to blame. So how is that for showing just how much the Obama administration really cared for actual Americans and their problems? Thankfully, more perpetrators, such as the ones who assaulted the little girl, were evicted from their homes as a result.

Nevertheless, it does not change the fact that Trump is apparently more concerned with the safety of U.S. citizens and not immigrants, who are ready to rape, kill and steal and who definitely do not fit into the American community. Perhaps it is time to face it and admit that Trump is actually all about the national jobs and giving the people an opportunity to work here, in the States, without having to fear for their safety. Obama’s administration demonstrated that is was 100% distanced from the actual problems and was too busy waging wars abroad and trying to come up with new ridiculous laws and regulations. So in the end – who is the bad guy here these days?

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