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Los Angeles child molestation lawyerChild molestation refers to a range of sexual behaviors or actions which an adult commits on a child. For an adult to touch any part of a child’s body with a “lewd and lascivious” intent is illegal. A charge of molestation is a very serious one. Accusation alone can ruin an individual’s reputation and community standing. Conviction will seal that negative consequence, as the defendant will be required to register as a sex offender, a public registration which is accessible to landlords, employers, neighbors, and others.

If you or someone you know is facing a child molestation charge, it is crucial that you seek the professional services of a Los Angeles child molestation attorney. We highly recommend that you contact a Los Angeles child molestation lawyer at our firm as soon as possible. We have been helping clients with criminal charges for decades. We can provide the highest quality of service available. We will make every effort to assist you in avoiding a devastating criminal conviction that will negatively impact your life for an indefinite period.

Child Molestation Criminal Charges in Los Angeles

Few criminal offenses are more despised than those involving children. The social repercussions of being accused of sexual child abuse or molestation are devastating. The individual convicted of such a crime essentially becomes a social pariah. Because of this, it is of the utmost importance that the accused obtains the most professional legal service they can find, such as is available at our law firm.

In a child molestation charge, consent is not a matter of consideration and cannot be used as a defense. Even if it can be proved that a minor actively participated in the sexual activity involved, it is still a crime because a minor cannot legally consent to anything. Penalties for the conviction of this crime are very severe. Consult with our Los angeles child molestation attorney now.

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