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Internet pornographic and adult materials become illegal in cases when they are bizarre or in case they are exploiting children. Of course, when it comes to bizarre, the overall notion may prove to be ambiguous. This is one of the many reasons why our sex crime defense attorneys are there to clear up any kind of ambiguity and ensure that the jury does not base their decision on any sort of ambiguous material whatsoever.

Internet pornography may be charged either on federal or state level. and our Los Angeles internet pornography attorneys will be capable of handling your case regardless of which level you were charged with. We have the skills and the necessary expertise and are 100% qualified to handle the matter for you.

California law states that any individual, who knowingly possesses or controls any kind of images or data – photographs, filmstrips, negatives, videotapes, slides, photocopies, computer hardware, video laser discs, computer floppy discs, CD-ROM, computer software, data storage media and so on – where the production involved someone who has not reached 18 years of age being engaged in any type of sexual intercourse, will be charged with online child pornography. The punishment is imprisonment in county jail for up to a year or by a fine that will exceed $2,500. Furthermore, there may be a combination of both penalties.

Internet Pornography Defense Attorneys in Los Angeles

The attorney’s goal is without a doubt to either get the case entirely dismissed or to get you the minimal possible penalties. If you or perhaps someone you know was charged with an online pornography offence, get in touch with the Los Angeles internet pornography lawyers and arrange a free consultation so you can begin discussing the proper legal defense strategies.

No doubt, what some people may consider bizarre does not actually contain anything extraordinary. In fact, pornographic material these days is becoming more and more popular thanks to the internet, and some genres may prove to be disturbing for some viewers while not depicting anything illegal whatsoever. Furthermore, when it comes to child pornography, some people are completely and sincerely not aware that their, let us say, computers, contain such materials. After all, there are plenty of computer malware and viruses that may “contaminate” the user’s laptop or personal computer. In addition, some malware downloads such illegal materials from the net on its own, with the user being completely unaware of the matter.

If that is the case and you have reasons to believe that you are the victim of a virus attack or something similar, it is best to get in touch with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. You will need to tell the lawyer everything they will need to know about the case and what happened in order for them to come up with a solid defense strategy that will work in your favor. Hence, the attorney will then be able to gather ample evidence to prove that you are innocent to begin with.

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