Lewd Conduct

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Information About Lewd Conduct

Los Angeles lewd conduct lawyerLewd conduct is defined in the California Penal Code as the touching or displaying of the genitals, buttocks, or female breasts with the intent of achieving sexual gratification. When done in a lewd or lascivious manner in a public place where others may be offended by it, it becomes a crime. Lewd conduct offenses are often associated with pornography, prostitution, or indecent exposure crimes as well. In general, this is a significant offense that may have serious legal and life repercussions for anyone convicted.

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Lewd Conduct Conviction

The consequences for the conviction of lewd conduct may be very severe. They may include one year in county jail per count, probation, heavy fines, and mandatory sex offender registration. Along with having a criminal conviction on your record, these penalties can have a devastating effect on your life. Sex offender registration can, in effect, make you a social outcast, negatively impacting your ability to find employment or housing.

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