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Los Angeles pandering attorneyPandering or procuring refers to the act or crime of recruiting prostitutes or of arranging a situation in which others may engage in prostitution. Pimps are known as procurers under law. Examples of procuring are bringing a prostitute into the country for the express purpose of sex solicitation, conducting a prostitution business, or transporting a prostitute to an arranged location for the purpose of prostitution. California Penal Code 266 makes pimping illegal, or the sharing of proceeds from sexual relationships by parties involved in prostitution. A conviction for this sex offense may result in mandatory prison time.

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If you or someone you know is facing a pandering charge, it is vital that you engage the services of at Eisner & Gorin LLP. You will need an experienced Los Angeles pandering defense lawyer who knows how to effectively defend you against such a charge. Your constitutional rights may have been violated or the evidence may show that the charge is unfounded. Whatever the circumstances, the sooner you contact us for a case review, the sooner we can take the specific legal actions that are needed to help you obtain an optimum case result. We have decades of combined experience in the field of criminal law. When you retain our services, you can be assured than you are being represented by one of the most outstanding criminal defense firms operating today.

In cities like Los Angeles, law enforcement agencies make numerous arrests for pandering using undercover methods such as sting operations, prostitution ring breakups, and the breakup of internet sex-oriented websites.

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