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Information about Prostitution Charges and Penalties

Under the California Penal Code, it’s unlawful to loiter for the purpose of prostitution, or to solicit someone for prostitution, or to engage in the act of prostitution. Anyone doing so, along with his or her client, may be prosecuted for such a crime.

If you or someone you know is facing a prostitution charge, it is important to consult with the experienced Los Angeles prostitution attorney at Eisner & Gorin. Our legal team has many years of combined legal experience in the courtroom handling criminal cases. We have successfully defended hundreds of clients in all types of criminal cases, including prostitution cases. We urge you to contact us as soon as possible. Early involvement on our part can increase your chances of a successful case result. Once you retain the services of our legal team, we will immediately begin working to create an effective defense on your behalf.


The California Penal Code section relating to prostitution is 647 (b) which can be violated in two ways. The first way is by offering sexual services for compensation and the second way is by actually engaging in the act of prostitution. Conviction for this crime may result in one year in a county jail per count, probation, AIDS testing and counseling, fines, and stay away orders. If the defendant has prior convictions, he or she may receive increased jail time.

A Prostitution Defense Attorney Can Help

We will provide a thorough and aggressive courtroom defense on your behalf at the pretrial hearing and before a jury. Our goal is to have your charge dropped or reduced and we go out of our way to achieve that for all of our clients.

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