Los Angeles Sexting Attorney

Los Angeles Sexting Attorneys

Were you or your loved ones charged with a recent rising crime – sexting? Well, in order to make sure that you have the best legal representation possible, we simply cannot help but recommend that you get in touch with our Los Angeles sex crime defense lawyers at the earliest opportunity.

In regards to being charged with a sex crime, our lawyers realize and understand what needs to be done. With over 75 years of combined legal experienced, we have managed to handle thousands of sex crime cases and sexting is one of the things we often encounter as well.

Sexting can be defined as sending sexual or pornographic images or videos through email messages. If either the sender or the receiver is an underage individual, it is deemed as a crime. Furthermore, if the images or videos are also showing a minor, the sexting charges could be transformed into child porn charges. Hence, sexting charges could be quite serious.

California Penal Code Section 288.2 forbids sending messages to a minor if those messages are intended to seduce or sexually arouse that minor. This prohibition could be applied to all text messages, emails, phone calls, letters as well as any other means of communication. Section 288.2 could be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor and could lead to up to 3 years in prison along with the mandatory sex offender registration that is required by the California Penal Code Section 290.

Our main goal as your sex crime defense attorneys is to examine any and all defense strategies that are possible in your case in order for the charges to be dropped or at least reduced. We use all of our skills, expertise and proper legal defense strategies to obtain the best results achievable for you.

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