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los angeles sexual assault attorneySexual assault is an assault or attack of another person that is sexual in nature. Sexual assault may be rape, attempted rape, inappropriate touching, child sexual abuse, or the torture of a person in a sexual manner. A sexual assault may be committed by a man on a woman, a man on a man, a woman on another woman or man, or an adult on a child.

These criminal charges are very serious, most especially so when a minor is involved. If you or someone you know has been accused of this type of sex crime, we urge you to contact our Los Angeles sexual assault lawyer right away. The sooner you consult with us, the better your chances will be for success in court as your defense attorney will immediately begin investigating and formulating a defense strategy on your behalf. We are extremely skilled at handling all criminal cases, with over extensive courtroom experience, you will find Eisner & Gorin to be among the most professional and capable law firms working today.

Sexual Assault/Abuse

A conviction may result in imprisonment, heavy fines, probation, community service, restitution, court-ordered counseling, or mandatory sex offender registration. If a minor was sexually assaulted or abused, or if the defendant has prior convictions, the charges against him or her may be enhanced and the penalties more extreme.

Consult a Los Angeles Sexual Abuse Attorney

By consulting with our firm, your case will be evaluated to determine the specific legal actions that need to be taken to address your particular situation. When your reputation, future, and freedom are on the line, it is imperative that you receive the benefit and advantage of an experienced Los Angeles sexual assault attorney. By calling us, you will be taking an important step in your defense.

Are you facing a sexual abuse or assault charge? Call us for a case review at our firm today!

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