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People Who Protesting Against refugee Sex Crimes Were Threatened By Obama’s Idaho Attorney

The vast majority of people in their right minds are already sick and tired of all the hysteria around the election of Donald Trump and his migration policies. Sure, some people may view him as a harsh politician, but perhaps it is time for America to wake up, as the country does not need yet another talker – it needs a doer, a person who will never hesitate to get things done, no matter how difficult it may seem.

With that said, a lot of Americans and people all over the globe are mostly concerned about Trump’s migration policies. However, they are either completely misguided by the media that is attempting to manipulate the news and presents Trump as simply a racist, who hates  Mexicans as well as Muslims, or are ignorant themselves and do not wish to see the actual truth. And that truth is pretty straightforward –some of those immigrants and refugees are actually posing a real threat to society and there are numerous cases of violence from their part; people got hurt and this threat will continue to grow. Of course, the United States is mostly responsible for this crisis, just as the European Union is. It is their coalition that started senseless wars in the East and the conflicts escalated during the presidency of Obama. Nevertheless, what Trump is doing right now is pretty much the only viable option that will protect the people of this nation and perhaps the European Union should take on his example of how things need to be handled.

One way or the other, people tend to forget the things that they do not want to remember. For example, people who are now protesting against Trump’s policies and are allegedly concerned about all the raids that the law enforcement authorities are conducting tend to neglect the fact that so many migrants are involved in drug trade, gun trafficking, child pornography and so much more.

Perhaps these people need to be reminded about one particular case when three children of immigrants sexually assaulted a little girl last year. But, of course, people who are hyping around the newly elected president’s program are way too busy not working or doing anything useful and simply run around with banners.

Well, the case was actually a pretty horrifying one. Back in June, a 14-year-old Sudanese refuge actually told another 10-year-old Sudanese and a 7-year-old Iraqi boy to corner a white girl, who was only five years old in the laundry room. They then stripped the girl naked and urinated all over her clothes. They also urinated in her mouth. In addition to all that, the 14-year-old boy was filming it all on his phone. They were thankfully interrupted by an elderly lady, who came to see what was going on. Otherwise, who knows how this all could have ended for the little white girl.

And tell us – where was the angry mob back then? Now, of course, the case was a pretty resonant one, but it was not as hyped and not as many people felt the need to hit the streets with banners, protesting against the new Obama policies, which welcomed even more migrants and refugees on U.S. soil.

So how did the U.S. attorney react to all that madness and the fact that an innocent white girl was almost raped by the children of the refugees? Well, first of all, she claimed that she extends her support to the girl and her family, but then she told everyone not to be spreading any false rumors about the matter. Furthermore, she threatened that should anyone actually ask questions about that matter, they may well be prosecuted. She later said that it was not her intention to say that and that people simply should not be misinterpreting the facts. Well, one way or the other, the facts were pretty clear. The U.S. attorney also had the guts to blame the people who opposed Obama’s policies in this crime. She stated that spreading false rumors about refugees and immigrants triggers such situations. How is that for an official Obama representative? And in the following statement, she made things worse, saying that only Americans that are misinterpreting the rumors are to blame. So how is that for showing just how much the Obama administration really cared for actual Americans and their problems? Thankfully, more perpetrators, such as the ones who assaulted the little girl, were evicted from their homes as a result.

Nevertheless, it does not change the fact that Trump is apparently more concerned with the safety of U.S. citizens and not immigrants, who are ready to rape, kill and steal and who definitely do not fit into the American community. Perhaps it is time to face it and admit that Trump is actually all about the national jobs and giving the people an opportunity to work here, in the States, without having to fear for their safety. Obama’s administration demonstrated that is was 100% distanced from the actual problems and was too busy waging wars abroad and trying to come up with new ridiculous laws and regulations. So in the end – who is the bad guy here these days?

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Sexual Assault Legislation In California

Not that long ago a person was convicted after being charged with sexual assault on a woman that was unconscious behind a dumpster. The peculiar thing about this case is the fact that during the trial it was determined that California law requires prison time only in the case that the victim of sexual assault was capable of defending themselves. Hence, seeing how the victim was unconscious in this case, prison time was not required.

Hence, the defendant was then convicted of attempting to commit rape of an intoxicated person as well as sexually penetrating a person with a foreign object, as well as sexually penetrating an intoxicated person with a foreign object, but there was no prison time involved. Ultimately, the defendant ended up with only half a year in jail. The judge who was ruling the case stated that any longer sentence would have a very severe impact on him. Needless to say, such a sentenced sparked genuine public outrage, and was one of the main reasons why the lawmakers decided to update the sexual assault legislation in California to begin with.

The new bill is intended to prevent the judges from penalizing people who sexually assaulted other individuals while these were intoxicated or unconscious with mere probation. If this bill would have been accepted before, the above-mentioned person who sexually assaulted an intoxicated woman would have been sentenced to up to 3 years in prison.

So how is sexual assault defined and what does it mean? Well, sexual assault is any kind of sexual behavior or contact that took place without the explicit consent of the recipient. There are plenty of varieties of sexual assault and these include forced sexual intercourse, forced sodomy, incest, fondling, child molestation as well as attempted rape.

When it comes to rape, the vast majority of people will picture physically violent actions that lead to a violent sexual assault. In truth, there is more than one way to commit rape. We are talking about pills, about intimidation, threats – any actions that may lead to sexual contact against the will of the recipient are deemed as rape. There are also cases of so-called “Date Rape” and these are the hardest to rule out. After all, one of the parties is claiming that sexual intercourse took place without consent, but there are no physical injuries present and it is very challenging to establish the truth in such situations.

Do not forget about spousal rape – indeed, if someone decides to engage into sexual intercourse with a spouse without clear consent, it will be deemed as spousal rape and prosecuted accordingly.

Statutory rape is one of the worst scenarios – this is when a person engages in sexual intercourse with a minor who has not reached 18 years of age. Penalties for this type of rape are especially harsh.

Sure enough, regardless of the rape charges, the penalties are going to be severe. We are not only talking about expensive fines as well as potential jail or prison time – there is also the matter of being registered as sex offender for your entire lifetime. This means that you will have to inform any potential employers, banks you are going to get loans from and even your new neighbors that you were convicted for rape. Needless to say, this will ruin your reputation, most companies will not work with you and banks will not provide you with the loans you are going to need. Even neighbors are going to fear and despise you.

Of course, the worst thing that could happen is being falsely accused of raping someone. And, unfortunately, nowadays it is happening all too often. Those false accusations may well ruin your life, but regardless of how emotional you may be about it, it is imperative not to try to explain anything to the law enforcement officers before the arrival of the lawyer. This is when you will need the proper legal representation the most. Only a qualified Los Angeles sex crime attorney will have what it takes to fight for you and prove that you were falsely accused and therefore need to be set free.

Former NFL Cheerleader to Accept Plea Bargain in Sexual Abuse Case

A former high school teacher and National Football League cheerleader has agreed to a plea bargain instead of being tried for having had sex with 16-year-old high school student. Sarah Jones was charged with first-degree sexual abuse and the unlawful use of electronics to induce a minor to engage in sexual or other prohibited acts last March and has reportedly been under house arrest since then. Jones taught freshman English at Dixie Heights High School in Edgewood, Kentucky before resigning from her position last November after local police began investigating the case. At the time, Jones cited personal reasons for her departure. Jones also moonlighted as a cheerleader for the nearby Cincinnati Bengals football team. The former teacher and cheerleader is said to have had a sexual relationship with a school football player between October and the end of December of last year. Jones’ case has been well-publicized with the former teacher even appearing on “Good Morning America” in July of this year to address the allegations against her. During the interview, Jones claimed that she had only had sex with one man, her now-ex-husband Nathan Wilburn. Jones and Wilburn were married in July of last year, but separated just one month later. They are now divorced. Jones has publicly stated that she believes the accusations against her stemmed from rumors that had been started by the alleged victim’s bitter ex-girlfriend.

In a shocking twist in the case, Jones’ mother Cheryl Jones was also charged with a criminal offense related to her daughter’s case. Prosecutors in the case say that Cheryl Jones tampered with physical evidence in an attempt to help her daughter. The elder Jones is a middle school principal and is currently on administrative leave from her position. News outlets also report that she will be accepting a plea bargain in relation to the charges against her.

While both mother and daughter are expected back in court first thing tomorrow morning to formally accept their plea bargains, details of what punishments they are facing have not been released. In California, the punishments associated with a charge of statutory rape largely depend on the age difference between the alleged victim and the defendant. In cases such as Jones’, where the age difference at the time of the crime was as much as 10 years, a prison stint is highly likely, as is required registration as a sex offender. If the age difference is smaller than 10 years, probation and expensive fines are often more likely.

La Puente High School Soccer Players Accused of Sexual Assault in Hazing Ritual

Much has been made of the sexually-themed hazing rituals that occurred on a teenage soccer team at La Puente High School. The city of La Puente is located in the San Gabriel Valley, just outside of Los Angeles, and is far from being known for the types of shocking crimes that have recently made headlines all over southern California, but the allegations are so surprisingly harsh that it is branding the city in a negative light anyway.

The allegations that have only recently been made public involve a high school soccer team where students claim to have been sexually assaulted as a sort of initiation. Graphic details have emerged and have stunned parents, teachers and other members of the community. A boy known as “Billy” in media reports claimed to have been sodomized with a stick by his teammates. Another 15-year-old victim was sodomized with a pole while surrounded by 10 of his teammates. The third young victim claimed that the coach knew about the abuse and even winked at him when the boys lured him away from view of the coach towards a storage shed on the school grounds for the sexual hazing. The boy, known as “John” said “I’m pretty sure he could hear us screaming and kicking in there. And he’s just right next to it,” the boy told CNN. Since all the victims are minors, their names have not been released to news outlets.

The soccer coach is under investigation for possible involvement and was placed on administrative leave by the school district. Authorities are conducting interviews with 70 boys at the high school as the investigation continues. One of the victim’s mothers alerted sheriffs two weeks ago. Four individuals stand accused of the crime and could face charges from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. Three of those four are minors, while one has turned 18 years old since the attacks are said to have occurred.

Parents are understandably furious over the situation, wondering where any of the supervision was in this case. Parents are also frustrated that they were not made aware of the abuse earlier, some of whom had to learn about the situation through the news they read and saw on television. Investigators in the case believe that the hazing rituals have been going on for several years and that many of the older players on the team were also victims as well. One of the boys who was a victim of the most recent attacks has stated that he does not want to attend the school any longer because the students have been making fun of him and laughing at him.

AYSO Coach Charged with Child Molestation

A boys’ soccer coach in Lancaster was accused last month of molesting several boys he had worked with. Renior Vincent Valenti was formally charged by Los Angeles County prosecutors with molesting 13 boys, including five former or current male players that he had worked with as a coach for the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO). According to reports, the abuse occurred as early as 1994 with one victim and continued for the next 10 years. Valenti is said to have molested other boys as recently as the month before his arrest. Valenti had been arrested in July after a mother came to local authorities claiming that Valenti had molested her 9-year-old son. Initially, Valenti was charged with crimes relating to five boys, including two felony counts of continuous sexual abuse and three misdemeanor counts of child molestation on August 8, to which he pleaded not guilty. As investigators for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Special Victims Unit continued to dig deeper into the case, however, several more alleged victims were found, especially after the department appealed to the public for any more victims to come forward. The boys allegedly abused by Valenti range in age from five years old to 15. Valenti is now facing five felony counts of continuous child abuse and eight misdemeanor counts of child molestation. If Valenti is convicted on all counts, he is facing a minimum sentence of 83 years in prison and a maximum of life in prison. Valenti, who is now 50 years old, has been coaching soccer for AYSO for 15 years.

At a hearing last Thursday, a Los Angeles County judge raised Valenti’s bail from $1 million to $2.25 million.

Being accused of child molestation can have serious consequences on a person’s future. While the allegations in themselves can be very damaging to a person’s reputation, the legal ramifications of a conviction can put you in prison for a very, very long time. In most cases of child molestation, rather than assessing a single punishment for several counts of criminal activity, each charge is considered separately and given its own punishments. Being convicted of multiple crimes means that the jail time simply adds up; Valenti’s case is a perfect example of this as he is facing over 80 years in prison for his alleged numerous crimes.

A good lawyer, however, knows that there are several ways to deal with this. Many charges can be reduced or dismissed due to lack of evidence, or improperly collected evidence against a defendant.